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Adding value

While maintaining a focus on innovation and responding to our Member Councils’ needs, we have successfully implemented a series of value-added services. Many of these are aligned with our Risk Management Program and contribute to the maintenance of safer communities.

Member Centre

All members have access to our online Member Centre; a secure section of our website and an invaluable resource centre for councils and their staff. Here you’ll find a host of practical tools, reference materials and reports, all aimed at saving time in claims processing and accuracy. The Member Centre features:

  • Business intelligence tools to help visualise and consolidate risk and claims activity
  • Guidance Materials to assist with risk management
  • Downloadable forms for lodging a variety of claims
  • Cover summaries and claims reports
  • Industry news and events information
Like to know more?  Please contact us if you’d like to find out more about how you can create efficiencies via the Member Centre.

Climate Change Risk Assessment and Adaptation

In 2009, the Board of Management recognised the importance of assisting members formulate climate change risk assessment and adaptation plans. Funds were allocated to undertake 30 assessments annually until all members have been assessed.

Continuous Improvement Pathway

The Continuous Improvement Pathway offers a framework that you can use to assess your progress in developing effective risk management systems and where you can best direct efforts towards achieving continuous improvement objectives.

The focus of the Continuous Improvement Pathway is the commitment of members to develop and successfully implement a dynamic Risk Management Action Plan. The plan brings together a council’s priorities and works towards the effective management of risk through continuous improvement.

Extensive documentation is available for members to download through the Member Centre.

Decision Making Framework

We have developed a framework by which you can consider risks in relation to the consequences of climate change, such as an increased frequency of bushfires, floods and rising sea levels.

These risks are creating new challenges for councils in the area of environmental planning control, and development application assessment.  How you respond to these challenges can have a bearing on liability claims and administrative review proceedings.

The framework equips you to make appropriate decisions consistent with the relevant legislation and guidance from the State Government.

Documentation can be downloaded from the Member Centre.

Contractor Insurance Management System (CIMS)

In response to concerns from members, we now verify, monitor and manage contractors’ insurance information. The aim is to enable you to focus on the management of works and services provided by contractors.

The system is a secure, web-based, password protected database, where contractors can register their business and insurance information prior to working with you.

The system will be provided at no cost, and can be accessed via the login page.

For more information, please view the CIMS area.

JRS Profiler

JRS Profiler is a web-based Risk Management software system. It was developed to specifically utilise relevant Australian and International Standards to ensure that organisations adhere to the effective and efficient management of their organisation’s risk profile.

The system helps identify, assess and manage the wide range of potential risks to any organisation’s operation. It allows management of the treatment plans, controls and actions associated with each identified risk within an organisation’s risk profile, whether that risk be strategic, project or operational.

It’s intuitive, easy to use, and at the same time able to meet the stringent demands of any organisation serious about risk management implementation and monitoring.

The system can be access through the login page.

Asset valuations

The Board of Management approved the provision of valuation services to all members over a five year period, commencing in April 2010. The cost of this initiative is met by the scheme, using surplus funds generated from investment income.

All valuations have been completed. Positive feedback was received from members and benefits to reinsurers were realised. As such, the board have decided to continue the program for another five years.

Its success has also led to a further valuation project being undertaken to assess the value of contents. This was commenced in November 2013.