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Risk management

We offer Member Councils a highly regarded Risk Management Program. The program is aimed at reducing incidences and has two key purposes:

  • to minimise claims costs and ultimately stabilise premiums
  • to make communities safer for residents and visitors alike

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Regional Risk Managers

The cornerstone of the program are our Regional Risk Managers.

They work with you on a range of risk management issues, including identifying and assessing your council’s risks. The Regional Risk Managers also assist with individual risk management strategies and work with you on improving your performance by minimising exposure to risk.

Guidance Materials at your fingertips

We provide a comprehensive range of risk management resources through our online Member Centre, including documents covering:

    • Adapting Recreational Facilities Toolkit to Climate Change
    • Applications
    • Bitumen and Asphalt Resurfacing
    • BMX Tracks
    • Certificates
    • Contracting and Insurance General Clauses
    • Decision Making Framework: Planning for Sea Level Rise, Flood Prone Land and Bushfire Zone
    • Event Management
    • Footpaths
    • Gathering Information for Incident Management
    • GIPA and Legal Professional Privilege
    • Giving Evidence
    • Inflatable Pool Devices
    • Investigation of Road Incidents
    • Isolation of Emergency Systems
    • Playgrounds
    • Pyrotechnics and Atmospheric Special Effects
    • Risk Assessment and Control
    • Risk Identification
    • Risk Management Awareness
    • Risk Management Systems
    • Roads
    • Saleyard Operations
    • Shared Paths
    • Signs as Remote Supervision
    • Skateboard Facilities
    • Sporting Facilities
    • Statewide – Contractor Induction eLearning module
    • Statewide – Fundamentals of Risk Management for Local Government eLearning module
    • Stormwater Management Facilities
    • Swimming Pools User Agreement
    • Trees and Tree Roots

Guidance Materials were produced to provide you with tools for designing your own policies and procedures. They’re regularly updated to help you to comply with your duty of care.

Additional initiatives

Three additional high-impact initiatives offered as part of the Risk Management Program include:

    • Risk Management Excellence Awards
    • Annual Statewide Mutual Risk Management Conference
    • Regional Risk Management Group meetings

The Risk Management Excellence Awards exist to promote:

    • recognition of risk management as a management structure;
    • awareness of risk management issues;
    • innovation in risk reduction, and
    • recognition of that innovation.

We host yearly awards to recognise risk management excellence by a NSW local government council. Specifically, excellence in implementing any risk management program using the principles of identification, evaluation, control and measure.

The annual Statewide Mutual Risk Management Conference endeavours to provide practical and real life examples regarding how risk management can, and should, be implemented in a local government environment.

Each year improves on the last, with highly relevant and topical presentations delivered by leading experts. The event includes a Gala Dinner with entertainment and has been a resounding success since it began in 2001.

Regional Risk Management Group meetings are regularly conducted.  These forums involve all councils within the region. The meetings enable group discussion of current risk issues and offer great networking opportunities.