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Value For Money

Central to the consideration of protection costs is how councils can get the best value for money. This is generally assessed in terms of the level of cover received in exchange for member contributions, taking into account other factors including varying deductibles.

However, we like to take this a step further in ensuring you maximise the return on your protection investment. We’re able to influence this is a couple of ways.

Efficient online tools

All members have access to our online Member Centre; a secure section of our website and an invaluable resource centre for you and your staff.  Here you’ll find a host of practical tools, reference materials and reports, all aimed at saving time in claims processing and accuracy. The Member Centre features:

  • Business intelligence tools to help visualise and consolidate risk and claims activity
  • Downloadable forms for lodging a variety of claims
  • Cover summaries and claims reports
  • Risk Management tools and training materials
  • Industry news and events information
  • Online claims submissions – coming soon!

Expert Claims Team support

The primary advantage of our highly trained claims team is their local government expertise, experience, and objectivity. These traits allow them to implement strategies to respond to claims in the most efficient and productive manner possible.

This provides you with an opportunity to achieve the best commercial result possible for your protection spend while allowing your council to resume activities and operations as quickly as possible following an incident.

Like to know more?  We welcome you contacting us with any questions you may have on how we can help maximise the return you get on your protection investment.