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Safer Communities

Maintaining a safe community while reducing risk expenditure is what we want to enable you to do. This is because community safety means more secure and supported residents. Adding to this, the less money that is spent on risk, the more is available to be put back into the community.

We assist our Member Councils with all of the above, while working with them to become a much better risk to insure. This is the focus of our acclaimed Risk Management program and associated innovative services.

Risk Management program

Risk Management is all about being equipped to make better decisions to reduce incidents leading to claims and inherent costs.

Better decisions that help you identify risks in your community, and work out how to effectively minimise, and manage them.  It’s for this reason that Statewide Mutual have developed a highly regarded Risk Management Program.

The cornerstone of the program are our Regional Risk Managers, who work with you to identify and control your council’s risks.

We also provide a comprehensive range of Guidance Material online through our Member Centre.   All of which are designed to assist you reduce and contain risks, which in turn enhances the welfare of residents and visitors within your community.

Innovative services

 Aligned with our Risk Management Program are a series of innovative Value-added Services that again contribute to maintaining safer communities.

Examples of these include:

  • Decision Making Framework  – A toolkit designed to assist in managing the impact of climate variations in relation to flood and bushfire prone areas, as well as land impacted by rising sea levels.
  • Continuous Improvement Pathway – The Continuous Improvement Pathway offers a framework that you can use to assess your progress in developing effective risk management systems, and where you can best focus efforts towards achieving continuous improvement objectives.

Members have access to extensive documentation relating to these services, as well as regular updates, via our Member Centre.

Like to know more?  We welcome you contacting us with any questions you may have on how we can help you achieve the vital goal of making your community a safer place for all.