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Member Councils have unparalleled access to a host of advantages stemming from our significant product and service offering. Our focus is on member satisfaction and ensuring that we offer the best value possible.

After more than two decades working with the vast majority of NSW councils, it’s no surprise that we’re the largest local government self-insurance pool in Australia.

Bigger is better

As a result of being the largest local government self-insurance pool in Australia, our substantial buying power enables us to negotiate market-leading, long-term reinsurance treaties with underwriters.

The greater the number of participants in the pool, the more resilience it has if the group experiences large-scale negative events. Whilst a catastrophic multi-million dollar loss may have a significant effect on smaller providers, its impact is absorbed when spread amongst the larger group that is the Statewide Mutual membership base.

Stability of member contributions

Regardless of the degree of collective claim occurrences from our members, our member contributions remain stable year on year. This allows councils to budget in an environment where income is always constrained.

Our sheer size, the effectiveness of the reinsurance, and our innovative risk management and claims strategies, allow members to enjoy consistently stable member contributions:

  • Liability scheme – member contributions have risen less than 6.5% over the past seven years
  • Property Mutual scheme – member contributions fell 4% in 2015/16
  • Crime (Fidelity Guarantee) scheme – total contributions  were re-rated and fell by 10% in 2014/15 (excluding cyber)

Operating with integrity

Everything we do is done with your needs and requirements of a trustworthy risk partner at the forefront.

We operate with transparency and ensure the right mechanics remain in place to exercise absolute probity. This includes everything from Board representation consisting of Members Councils, through to all governance activity and decisions being readily available.

Cost containment

As members own the Schemes, they benefit from cost containment measures and equity building through generous annual rebates. These rebates result from surplus contribution distributions, totalling over $65.1 million to date across the Liability, Property and Crime  (Fidelity Guarantee) schemes. 

Catering to risk

We instinctively understand the individual needs of members, especially after working with councils with turnover ranging from $1.7 million to $250 for more than two decades. We pride ourselves on being able to cater to your risk appetite with flexible deductibles to choose from.

We’ll work with you to come up with the best model based on how much risk you’re prepared to take on, regardless of your size.

Making communities safer

Our acclaimed Risk Management Program is aimed at reducing incidences which in turn makes communities safer for residents and visitors alike.

The program is supported by seven full-time Regional Risk Managers. They work with you on a range of decisions aimed at minimising exposure to risk.

This is complimented by extensive Guidance Materials (available through the Member Centre), as well as a range of Value-added services.

Maximising ROI

We want you to get the best value for money from your council’s premiums and claims administration expenses.

We help maximise the return on investment by providing access to efficient online tools aimed at: saving staff time in claims processing, and increasing levels of accuracy. 

JLT employ seven dedicated Claims Officers to respond to claims in the most efficient and productive manner possible. They’re local government specialists, who prioritise allowing you to resume activities and operations as quickly as possible following an incident.

Working with you

As Member Councils own the Scheme, it’s important to us that we work directly with them, on a day to day basis if necessary.

Our highly experienced managers, Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT), work with you to ensure claims administration is made as easy as possible. The JLT claims team are readily available to assist you with claims management, and offer invaluable support for any under excess claims.

We also regularly host an annual Risk Management Conference and participate in industry forums such as the LGNSW Annual Conference. It’s here that you’re provided with an invaluable avenue to meet with the team, network and attend highly relevant and topical presentations from leading experts.

We’re highly visible and active in the industry and can be relied on to provide up-to-date information, ideas, and insights.