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Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) administer the day to day management of the schemes on behalf of Statewide Mutual. They also place other coverage required outside of the five schemes for Member Councils.

Key management responsibilities include:

  • participating in the scheme to provide advice and assistance in relation to all aspects;
  • managing claims in conjunction with the Claims Committee;
  • arranging Primary Insurance; and
  • advising members in relation to loss prevention and risk minimisation.

Claims administration made easy

JLT is responsible for the management of all claims lodged against, and by, members.

The JLT claims team consists of seven dedicated Claims Officers who work exclusively with local government. They manage claims up to your individual deductibles, beyond which the matter must be referred to underwriters for instructions.

The local government expertise of the claims team ensures that claims are managed in the most efficient manner. They utilise a collaborative approach in working with Member Councils, with a focus on member service and expert advice towards achieving optimal outcomes.

JLT are also determined litigants who make sure Member Councils are not ‘soft targets’ for potential claimants. Their resolve to actively litigate means Claims Officers are acutely aware of the current environment in the judiciary and what the trends coming out of the courts mean to Local Government.

The team are readily available to meet with you to provide advice, support and assistance in regards to all claims.

Reinsurance arranged for you

Reinsurance for Statewide Mutual is arranged by JLT through Lloyds in London, and other reputable underwriters, under a national arrangement. Their experience and long-standing relationships with underwriters assists in obtaining the best possible rates for reinsurance on members’ behalf.

JLT has a dedicated security division that maintains a close watch on credit ratings worldwide, ensuring that any underwriter providing cover for a JLT client, such as Statewide Mutual, must be financially strong and have proven capabilities to meet their obligations in accordance with the policies they underwrite.

It’s no surprise that JLT recommended placement of the Statewide Mutual with underwriters other than FAI and HIH in 1998. As a result, the uninsured losses the Scheme sustained following the HIH Group of Companies being placed in liquidation in 2001 were significantly less than they otherwise would’ve been.

The right risk management advice

JLT also advise on risk management services through its subsidiary, Echelon Australia Pty Limited.

They have played an integral part in designing, managing and implementing our Risk Management Program, which is designed to assist you reduce and contain risks, thus enhancing the welfare of residents and visitors within your community.

For more information on JLT, and Echelon Australia Pty Limited, please visit their websites.